GoClinic places the future of healthcare in the hands of patients. With the triangle of trusting data, informed patients and personalized treatment, GoClinic and its partners form a foundation of digital medicine.

GoClinic – the new digital partner

The young technology company sets standards in future-oriented technology development as a multiple competitor and award winner in collaboration with advanced clinics, technology and industry leaders across Europe.

GoClinic – Your digital health partner

The young digital healthcare provider offers today’s hospitals the opportunity to raise their patient care with digital possibilities on to a new level. GoClinic specialists implement a treatment assistant and information exchange platform – for the safe, effective, economical and long-term successful treatment of hospital patients. The common goals of GoClinic and future-oriented hospitals are safe treatment, more efficient care and optimal treatment results.

GoClinic provides the connectivity block for the hospital of the future, making possible the delivery of true continuity of care & precision medicine. The experts are providing access to a decentralized platform in which healthcare providers & patients develop symbiotic relationships. The visionary entrepreneurs plan to secure data exchange using blockchain technologies and develop an intelligent assistance system.

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GoClinic – Your digital health channel

The digital health specialists from Health Valley are developing a European-wide patient platform – together with clinics and IT partners. With open interfaces and comprehensive interoperability, the developers provide a powerful digital bridge between hospital ICT and patients. The common goal of GoClinic and partners is a secure data exchange for the optimal treatment, care and aftercare of hospital patients.

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GoClinic – Your digital health future.

The international tech startup from Health Valley is the European-wide digital health platform for patients, clinics and IT providers. The IT and healthcare specialists develop the new possibilities of a mobile information system with mobile patient communication and interactive patient monitoring.

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GoClinic – Your digital health stories.

The young digital health team from Health Valley is developing the digital solutions for a faster and better recovery for patients with clinical diseases in Europe. In collaboration with future-oriented clinics in Germany, the Netherlands and Europe, GoClinic specialists are developing treatment assistant and information exchange platform.